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This shop is very important to keep small village like Käsmu. To support and activate this life here. 

Käsmu shop is for local people and visitors all over the world!

You are welcome!

Shop lives together with the village. In winter when the houses are covered with white snow carpet, some kick sleds are riding by and  chimneys are smoking -  it is quiet here. 

But when you hear lawn mower sound, children laughter,  bus traffic  and smell nice barbeque aromas- then you know that village is not sleeping. Everybody are so lively!


Dairy and eggs


Dry ingridients

Cans and jams

Fruits, vegetables

Candys and cookies

Alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks

Meat and products

Fish and fish products

Frozen products

Household items

Self care items

Diapers and baby food

Health products

Pet food


Industrial goods

Local newspapers ana magazines (seasonal)

Household and barbeque gas


Every day when shop open its doors, it also opens  owen doors to let out the fresh smell of fresh pies.

Aside you can get freshly grounded coffee. You can enjoy it here or take away (to share with friends)


Merekooli 4, Käsmu, 45601 Lääne-Viru maakond
Käsmu Pood 
E:    - 
T:    -
K:   11-17.00
N:  11-17.00
R: 11-17.00
L:  11-17.00
P: 11-15.00
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